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What is Squid Omega 3 Oil?

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Squid Omega 3 (squid oil or squid liver oil) is a new type of omega 3 supplement. Omega 3 supplements are touted as the most beneficial of all dietary supplements available, and their health benefits range from protection against heart disease to memory improvement. The most common, and the most studied, omega 3 supplement is fish oil or fish liver oil. However, new types of omega 3 supplements are now available, including squid oil, krill oil and algae oil. All marine-sourced omega 3 supplements are rich in EPA and DHA, the long-chain omega 3 fatty acids which are responsible for the health effects attributed to omega 3s.

What is Squid?

Squid are called ‘cephalopods’ and they are related to cuttlefish and octopi. They have eight arms and two tentacles. They are a popular food and a rich sources of zinc, manganese, copper, selenium, vitamin B12, riboflavin and omega 3 fatty acids. When used as a food, squid are often called ‘calamari’. Squid omega 3 supplements are also commonly known as calamari oil or calamari omega 3.

Why Squid Omega 3?

Squid omega 3 supplements carry a number of benefits over traditional fish oil supplements:

1. While fish oils contain more EPA than DHA, squid omega 3 supplements contain more DHA than EPA. DHA is harder for the body to produce from other substrates than EPA, and therefore possibly more essential. In addition, DHA is the most important of the two when it comes to brain and nerves structure and function. It is particularly important during pregnanacy and early life, when the child’s brain and nervous system is still developing.

2. Squid have a shorter lifespan than most fish used to produce fish oils. Therefore, they are less likely to accumulate toxins within their body than fish are - making them a potentially safer sources of omega 3s.

3. The fishing of squid involves using bright lights to lure them to the surface and then using hook and line. This method does not damage the seafloor and produces virtually no by-catch. As a result, squid omega 3 supplements are a more environmentally-friendly choice than fish omega 3 supplements.

On the other hand, because squid omega 3 supplements are so new to the market, they are not backed with as much research as fish oils are.

Recommended Squid Oil Supplements


If you want to try squid omega 3 supplements, we recommend that you stick to a reputable brand such as Carlson or Applied Nutrition. The two are the leading brands in squid oil production. Carlson’s top squid omega 3 supplement is CalaOmega, sourced from Norwegian squid. One softgel of Carlson’s CalaOmega contains 500mg total omega 3, 360mg of which are DHA and 140mg of which are EPA.






Applied Nutrition’s Nordic Calamari High Potency Omega-3 is also a very good product, delivering 500mg total omega 3 per softgel, 360mg of which are DHA and 140mg of which are DHA (same as Carlson’s CalaOmeg).








Lane Labs is another company that has started producing squid-sourced omega-3 supplements. Their product, EcoOmega Marine Oil Pearls, contains 85mg omega-3 per capsule, 25mg of which are EPA and 50mg are DHA. Lane Labs recommend that you take 5 softgels each day, which will amount to 425mg omega-3, of which 125mg and 250mg are EPA and DHA respectively. Lane Labs source their Eco Omega product from food grade squid oil, pressed from squid trimming. They guarantee that their product is “virtually free of heavy metals and contaminants.” Lane Labs Eco Omega is significantly lower in omega-3, EPA and DHA than Carslon’s CalaOmega and Applied Nutrition’s Nordic Calamari High Potency Omega-3.




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